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When we think about having a presence on the internet, we think directly in social networks or websites, which are the main tools, but... for these main tools to work, we must take into account the secondary ones that make the main ones work.

I would like to start with this question and some possible answers, which refer to the complement of digital tools.

What do you think when you search on the internet for a company and you find?...........

Nothing... (No content)

Poorly presented photos (a picture speaks more than 1000 words)

Incomplete information (Lack of information content)

Different information in the different channels (Lack of coherence in the information)

Users who enter do not feel confident and go to the competition.

That is why it is important to work on the content.

What are the main tools? 

The first digital tools that come to mind are:

- Website (if you have the possibility)

- Blog (A possibility at the beginning)

- Social networks (They are from third parties)

There are other digital tools as external channels.

Having these tools, we have a place to expose our products or services, but if we do not have the content, images, information, our digital brochure, we can not provide the information needed to be known or trust us.

What tools can we use as secondary to generate content in our main tools?

To generate content we can share articles, information accompanied by photos, videos or publications that make reference to our company.

Below, I share some tools that can be of great help.

- Articles: 

Create articles with our experiences, because we are offering our products or services.

Share external articles, I really like a Google Alert or feedly tool, they are tools that keep you updated in your sector and find interesting articles to share for your users. (always remember to mention the source, to avoid inconveniences).

Tools: Google Alert or feedly

- Information about our products:

Create small descriptions of each of the services and/or products you offer, accompanied with your own photos or you can also download free photos.

Tools: Pixebay, pexels and pixrl

To make possible the main digital tools, we need the second ones, which help us to generate content.

The secondary in digital: Create content (More important)

Videos: telling about what you do or contact experiences that help to connect with users. 

Tools: Filmora and flex clip

Create advertising pieces and content 

Tools: Canva and Crello

 Some suggestions for content creation

- In all channels there must be homogeneity 

- Have keywords related to your product or service.

- Have 4 hashtags of your own (always use them) and some that are trending.


#your company name #product or service. 

#palabraclave1 #palabraclave2 #trends 

- It is very important to be constantly updated

- All channels must have the company's information.

- Short messages and link to your company

- Photos with text (copy) 

- Articles that you publish in your page or Blog.            

    Thanks for reading, I hope this content has been useful. 

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