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Posted 08/01/2021 in Business

Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting

It is important for businesses today a website, where you can have the information of your business, make transactions and have a digital identity.

In order to have our own website we must have a domain and hosting, giving us the opportunity to have a personalized address. 

Today I would like to share the difference and some tips to keep in consideration.

Let's start with the difference:

What is Domain?

It is the unique and exclusive name assigned to your website on the Internet. It would be something like the equivalent of your home address, but applied to your website.

What is Hosting? 

It is a service to which you can associate your domain, the hosting is a service that is rented to be able to lodge all the files of your domain. It is as if it were the physical structure of your house, the furniture are the files that are stored to be able to have all the information of your business.

Type of Domains

Generic Domains: These are global or international domains and the most used all over the world. 

.com .net: .org..edu, .info, .biz

Territorial Domains: These are domains that are used for a territory or country; therefore, they are domains where two letters are used for the name of a territory or country. They are domains where two letters are used to associate the country where the business is located. 

.co Colombia, .pr Puerto Rico, pt Portugal, .uk United Kingdom, .fr France, .at Austria, .es Spain. 

Domains of non-profit organizations and educational institutions: these are the ones that use this type of domain the most. Some examples are: .gob.co, .gob.pt, .gob.ar, among others.

It is important to keep in mind, always to have the control of your domains and hosting, this is one of the topics that I am consulted the most, because sometimes the companies that create the Web pages, have the total control and when the business wants to change, it is complicated that they can stay with their domains.

The domain is an asset that with time and work can be valued and have a representative value.

I leave you with some recommendations to choose a domain:

  • Make it easy to write
  • As short as possible
  • Easy to remember
  • Antiquity
  • Contains a keyword
  • It has something to do with your activity
  • Avoid hyphens
  • Register your domain as soon as possible
  • Choose the .com domain as your first option
  • Avoid capital letters
  • Try to be unique
  • Don't lose it!... remember that it is an asset that can be valued over time.

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