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Posted 11/11/2023 in startups

Lisbon Hosts the Innovative Elétrico Pitch: Startups Compete for a 5000 Euro Prize

Lisbon Hosts the Innovative Elétrico Pitch: Startups Compete for a 5000 Euro Prize

Imagine gliding through the vibrant streets of Lisbon, past historical landmarks and along the picturesque Tagus River, all while pitching your innovative startup idea. This isn’t just a dream—it’s the reality of the Tram Pitch, a novel twist to the traditional elevator pitch, set to take place during the much-anticipated Portugal Tech Week 2023.

From the 12th to the 22nd of November, Portugal Tech Week will transform the country into a buzzing hub of technological innovation. Notably, Lisbon will play host to an event that combines the city’s rich cultural heritage with the fast-paced world of startups—the Tram Pitch. Here, startups from around the globe will vie for a chance to win a £5,000 prize and the attention of major investors.

The Tram Pitch: Where History Meets Innovation

On the evening of November 12th, twelve of the most promising startups will have the unique opportunity to present their innovative projects to a panel of leading investors. What sets this event apart is the dynamic setting—Lisbon’s iconic yellow tram. As the tram weaves its way between Alcântara and Belém, each startup will have the chance to pitch their ideas and potentially secure not just the prize, but also invaluable investor support.

Maria Albuquerque, Vice President of CARRIS, expressed pride in hosting this groundbreaking initiative, emphasising the opportunity it presents to blend tradition with modern innovation. She also highlighted the plans to establish a mobility innovation hub at the Santo Amaro station, further solidifying Lisbon’s commitment to technological advancement.

A Showcase of Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

João Baptista, spokesperson for Portugal Tech Week and the 351 Portuguese Startup Association, lauds the Tram Pitch as an innovative approach to showcase the creativity and entrepreneurship that Portugal has to offer. It’s an initiative that brings the startup community right into the heart of Lisbon, providing a global platform for local talent.

A Boost from Santander Portugal

Santander Portugal’s involvement in the Tram Pitch underscores the bank’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and providing access to the tech market. The bank’s support of the event is a testament to its belief in the potential of startups and its dedication to fostering an environment conducive to their growth.

Beyond the Tram Pitch

Portugal Tech Week 2023 is more than just the Tram Pitch. With over 130 events already scheduled and expectations to exceed 200, the week-long festival will cover various themes, from artificial intelligence to blockchain and sustainability. Cities across Portugal, including Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Braga, and many more, will host events, making the festival a nationwide celebration of technology and innovation.

Interested participants and attendees can find more details about the event schedule and venues at the official website, www.portugaltechweek.pt.

Final Thoughts

The Tram Pitch event embodies the spirit of Portugal Tech Week, blending Lisbon’s historical charm with the cutting-edge world of tech startups. It promises to be a unique experience that not only spotlights Portugal’s growing status as a technological hub but also champions the entrepreneurial drive that continues to propel the nation forward.

Source: https://portugaltechweek.com/lisbon-hosts-the-innovative-eletrico-pitch-startups-compete-for-a-5000-euro-prize/

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