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Posted 04/04/2021 in Business

Moving into the world of work after a long period of time

Moving into the world of work after a long period of time

The key: Networking (virtual and face-to-face)

If you know what you like, it is important to research different communities in your sector and participate in meetings (virtual for the moment), there are communities like Meetup, eventbrite, Facebook or others where you can find people who have the same interest as you and can help you to update yourself in your sector.

Interacting with people outside your immediate circle helps you to open your horizons, to know what is being done in your sector and what are the trends, little by little you will be encouraged to know more and you will start to have more confidence in the sector that some time ago you were not so up to date.

Generating new contacts gives you the opportunity to be known as a professional, it is relevant that you can make your skills known and generate valuable content about what you know. 

If you want to work in a company, LinkedIn is a network that can help you cut through the clutter. How? By looking for people who work in the company you would like to work for and start a working relationship with them.

Everything is possible for you to break into the world of work, nowadays with the help of technology it is easy to make yourself known with motivation and perseverance you can achieve it, the important thing is that you have clear what you want and go after them...one last tip is to update yourself with the courses that are in your sector, you can find many that offer free of charge.

The key is to never stop moving and learning.

 Jhamile Abuabara

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