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Posted 01/29/2023 in Business

The importance of communities when moving residence

The importance of communities when moving residence

The importance of communities in my adaptation to Portugal

My adaptation in Portugal has been a process of intercultural adaptation with several stages. In the beginning, I felt motivated and excited to meet and learn new things, but then I started to feel homesick and confused because of the cultural differences. Now, I feel that I am in a stage of adaptation and confidence, where I can appreciate the benefits of this change. One of the things that has helped me overcome these difficulties has been the support of the communities.

When I arrived to Lisbon, I started looking for communities on different platforms, attending events and familiarizing myself with the dynamics. Little by little, I identified with some more than others and I am grateful because thanks to these communities I have met people who are going through the same change, and we have supported each other to adapt more easily.

A community is a group of individuals who come together to share common interests and characteristics. With the advancement of technology, it is becoming easier and easier to find and join communities. Social media platforms and websites that help segment by topic and interest have made it possible for anyone to find a community that matches their interests.

To me, one of the most important aspects of communities is the sense of belonging and support they provide. To me, these communities are a source of social connection and personal growth. For a community to be successful, I believe that empathy is crucial. When each member of the community can understand and put themselves in the shoes of others, an atmosphere of trust and respect is created.

In conclusion, communities have been vital to my adaptation in Portugal. They provide a sense of belonging and support that is essential for personal growth. Empathy is a key tool for the success of a community, as it allows for better communication and understanding among its members, fosters an atmosphere of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Thanks for reading me,

Jhamile Abuabara


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