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Posted 08/07/2021 in Business

Today's Networking, A 180 degree relationship change

Today's Networking, A 180 degree relationship change

What is Networking?

Create links with individuals who have interests and goals similar to yours, with the purpose of sharing experiences, knowledge and employment or business opportunities.

Network types

•Personal networking

• Operational networking

• Strategic networking


• It will help them get to know you

• It will allow you to build a network of contacts according to your needs

• It will allow you to learn from the best

• You will obtain valuable sources of information to develop yourself

• You will learn to communicate in a better way

• You will be able to measure your skills and those of your projects

• Create and develop new business niches and possible collaborations with other companies and professionals

The change that Networking has had in the last two years


  • Face-to-face events
  • Face meetings
  • Face-to-face coworking
  • Face-to-face training
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Face-to-face fairs
  • Social media


  • Social media
  • virtual events
  • virtual meetings
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Virtual training
  • virtual workshops
  • virtual fairs

We are living a historic moment, the way we relate to change taking advantage of technology to generate new networks and contacts worldwide.

The need to interact is vital for people and the strengthening of companies.


Benefits of virtual events

• There is no physical barrier

•          Costs reduction

• Local, national and international opportunities

• Strengthening of the reputation within the sector

• Expansion of the network of contacts

• Accessibility


What is important to note?

  • Have a digital identity
  • Opportunity to expand our number of contacts and Networking network globally
  • Generate solid and lasting relationships through online networking.
  • Be empathetic and help
  • We are not talking about having more friends on Facebook or adding contacts on LinkedIn, we are talking about generating connections that add up to professional and business growth.

What do we mean by digital identity or digital personal brand?

  • It is the presence of us as a person on the internet, this includes profiles on social networks, blog, web pages.
  • The digital traces are what we are leaving in comments and what we share in the different channels.
  • It is very important to work on this point, so that the people we contact or contact us will have more information about us.
  • It is relevant to take care of every aspect of our identity or digital personal brand.
  • What do I need to create the digital identity or digital personal brand?
  • professional photo
  • Description of what we do
  • Works we have done
  • Share articles that are related to our area

Networks where we should be:

  • Main network: Linkedin
  • Secondary networks: Instagram/Facebook/twitter
  • If possible a blog or a web page

Where to find spaces for Networking


  • LinkedIn Groups
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Facebook groups
  • meet-up
  • eventbridge
  • Social media
  • Courses and workshop


  • zoom
  • teams
  • Meet
  • Youtube
  • Cisco
  • Facebook
  • Guivent
  • EventXtra

Tips for interacting during a virtual event

• Introduce yourself and explain in 5 seconds what you do, if you are given the option

• Interact at the event with input or questions

• If in the end they give you the opportunity, prepare a text with what you offer and your contacts

• At the end of a workshop you can take the initiative to create a group on WhatsApp and share the link for your colleagues to join.

• If you see a profile on a social network that catches your attention because of your work, try to set up a meeting

It is important to constantly generate connections, do not fall into a dead end…….

Being with the same connections or circle of acquaintances will not allow you to grow, it is important that you relate to new professionals and that you are constantly learning.

Thanks for reading me,

Jhamile Abuabara


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