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We are a point of connectivity B2B and B2C. If you are looking for a product of service, type below:


Business workshops Located in Lisboa, Lisboa

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New to freelancing

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Social events Located in Lisbon, Lisbon

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Blockchain Located in Santiago, Santiago Metropoli...

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Mentoring Located in Bogotá, Bogota

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Business that would like to have more visibility and expand operations.

Professional who offers their services remotely or by projects.

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Some of the benefits of being part of little Connexions

✔ Seo (Search Engine Optimization), you are present on an external platform.

✔ Micro-Web page, where you can have information about your product or service.

Expand Contacts and Visibility.

Establish strategic alliances.

Publications on Little Connexions Digital Channels.

✔ Opportunity to be found easily; the relationship with your customers starts from the search.


Excellent service, since I started my venture, I have felt accompanied, I have had feedback on social networks and everything related to my business. Thank you God for putting Jhamile Abuabara on my path.  

Alba Hayde Martines Rojas

I am very grateful to Little Connexions, it helped me to increase my sales and my number of customers has improved a lot. Thank you very much God bless you.

Cristian Reyes

There really is a work behind the administration of the group!!!! And there is a permanent attention both personal as in articles and proposals.

Liliana Gutiérrez Herrán

Excellent service and advice, thanks to you I am in the process of opening my dance academy in Chia.

Ingrid Escobar Reyes

The happiness that gives you realize that your income, your customers and your best business comes from the recommendations that Little conexións makes of your company ... is priceless .... 100%wayuu is growing every day thanks to you ... . Our best decision. . To be part of this directory ... we love you.

Diani Acevedo

It is a group different from the others, because the administrator follows up the contact and often connects the applicant with the offerer, presenting a real solution!

There is an administration behind the group and of course, more trust and security.

Paula Andrea Giraldo Escobar

Thanks to Little Connexions I have had many contacts and many clients. My venture has had more visibility and I have had full support from Jhamile Abuabara.

Cristina Chain

To serve others with love and wisdom, to be an instrument of peace.

Any Lopez

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