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At Little Connexions, we have always strived to provide our members with strong support and be a trusted ally in their business ventures. Below, we share some of the comments our clients have left.


I am extremely grateful for the excellent service I received from Jhamile Abuabara. Since the beginning of my venture, I have felt supported and received valuable feedback on social media and other aspects of my business. I thank God for putting Jhamile in my path.

Alba Hayde Martines Rojas

Realizing that Little Connexions is the source of our income, customers, and business growth through their recommendations is priceless. Being a part of this directory has been our best decision, and we love you for it. Thanks to you, 100% Wayuu is thriving every day.

Diani Acevedo

I'm so grateful to Little Connexions for helping me increase my sales and attract more customers. Thank you very much, and God bless you!

Cristian Reyes

This group stands out from the rest because the administrator takes a hands-on approach, often connecting seekers with providers and delivering real solutions. With an active administration, members can feel more secure and confident in their transactions.

Paula Andrea Giraldo Escobar

Behind the scenes of group administration, there's a lot of hard work involved! The team provides excellent personal attention and offers valuable articles and proposals. Thank you for your dedication!

Liliana Gutiérrez Herrán

Thanks to Little Connexions, my business has gained more visibility and attracted numerous clients. Jhamile Abuabara unwavering support has been invaluable in this journey

Cristina Chain

Thanks to your excellent service and advice, I'm in the process of opening my dance academy in Chia.

Ingrid Escobar Reyes

To serve with love and wisdom, and be a conduit of peace.

Any Lopez

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